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Keep your transformer bushings available on demand in the PARC Bushings Vault.


  • Inventory Concerns and Costs
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PARC already stocks the largest inventory of new and used transformer bushings in the world. Our large inventory, ability to quickly test and deliver to the jobsite makes us your go-to-guys when you need replacement bushings. We'll be here when you need us.

Big Transformer Bushings is a branch of Power Asset Recovery Corporation - the leaders in new, used and rebuilt power transformers and parts.

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SIEMENS Field Service Turns To PARC

PEPCO tested and subsequently found that several of their bushings in a large autotransformer had unsatisfactory power factors. SIEMENS field service called PARC and found all (8) unused bushings in stock.

PARC Fabricates Adapter Flanges for Oklahoma Gas & Electric

Oklahoma Gas & Electric failed (3) 7500 AMP 25 KV bushings. PARC did not have the exact replacement, but was able to fabricate adaptor flanges for the secondary bushings within a week.