PARC Bushings is your go-to source for emergency replacement bushings.

For more than 15 years, PARC has gone above and beyond to deliver emergency replacement bushings when they are needed. Below are just a few examples of how our large bushings inventory and our "yes we can" approach have helped utilities and plants get back up and running.

PARC Expedites Bushings to Detroit Edison

Nine 230 KV 800 AMP bushings were tested and sent to Detroit Edison within a week from order.

PARC Overnights Exact Replacement Bushings to Entergy

Entergy lost several 15 KV 2000 AMP bushings over a summer peak and found the exact replacements in PARC stock. They were airfreighted overnight.

PARC Fabricates Adapter Flanges for Oklahoma Gas & Electric

Oklahoma Gas & Electric failed (3) 7500 AMP 25 KV bushings. PARC did not have the exact replacement, but was able to fabricate adaptor flanges for the secondary bushings within a week.

PARC's Massive Bushings Inventory Gets PacifiCorp Back Online Fast

PacifiCorp lost (3) GSU bushings at a power plant substation in Wyoming. The equivalents were found in PARC's stock and the 25 KV 12,000 AMP bushings were picked up within 24 hours.

PARC Saves the Day in Florida

A large Florida utility experienced a failure in 2 out of 3 bushings upon initially energizing a GSU transformer. PARC was able to send the 25 KV 14,200 AMP bushings the next day.

SIEMENS Field Service Turns To PARC

PEPCO tested and subsequently found that several of their bushings in a large autotransformer had unsatisfactory power factors. SIEMENS field service called PARC and found all (8) unused bushings in stock.

PARC Gets Nuclear Substation Back Online Before End of Weekend

Nuclear Plant at Detroit Edison lost a 25 KV 16,000 AMP on a Friday evening. PARC sent a new / unused ABB equivalent over on Saturday to get the nuclear substation transformer back up and running before the end of the weekend.

PARC Replaces Bushing at Duke Energy During Summer Peak

During a summer peak Duke Energy failed a 345 KV 2000 AMP bushing. PARC was able to deliver a new / unused ABB replacement transformer bushing in less than 48 hours.